SaSara Design Studio is a home based studio where we make exclusive, unique in colours, hand painted and hand- made silk garments for woman. The uniqueness of our garments comes from working with passionate colours combination. Therefore, expression, feeling, motion and colours come into play as primary visual and emotional factors. We are working in the latest fashion colours and every painted silk piece is one of a kind piece of wearable art. We carry high quality garments in an unusual colour spectrum.

Sasara Design Studio is textile design studio working mostly on light exclusive silks. Our garments are made of Devore silks and velvet Devore silks. The velvet fabric is made by weaving a rayon pile into a silk chiffon base. The Devore fabric is created when patterned sections of the rayon pile burn out and are removed.Devore silk is an excellent fabric for hand painting. Its three dimensional surface creates brilliant base for painting and colours shimmer through the silk fabric.



Colours on silk are achieved through addling fibre reactive dyes on silk using artisans techniques:
Beginning with plain white silk, each piece is stretched on custom built wooden frame.

We apply colours in layers. Between each layer, the dye on the silk is fully dry and then the second, third …layer of colours are applied until we got the desired colour design. This type of dye painting is called direct application.

When the colour on silk is dry, the silk is steamed in a steamer for 30-40 minutes at 180 – 200 degrees, which fixes the dye on silk permanently.

The next step is to remove excess of dye from silk and wash silk with soap and vinegar.

After drying we iron each piece of silk and start designing pieces that we want to make.

The final steps are to sew and iron again.

Care instruction

Hand wash in cold or warm water using mild soap. Wash each item separately as dyes may bleed.
Handle silk garments gently. Don’t wring or twist the garments because silk is sensitive when wet.

After rinsing, roll the item in clean bath towel to remove excess moisture.

Don’t use bleach, it can damage silk and colors.

Air dry garment away from sun until get damp dry.

Iron on reverse side while still wet.