Welcome to SaSara Design Studio. Our collection includes scarfs, shawls, ponchos and capes.


This gorgeous, light weight, soft scarfs are a perfect accessory and gift all year around, it can be worn with every day wear, whether for work or shopping. It can also be worn as evening wear as a nice touch to your dress.

>> Silk Scarfs Lines
>> Silk Scarfs Flowers
>> Silk Scarfs Rose Outline
>> Velvet Scarfs


Long and wide enough to put it over your shoulders, our shawls are elegant, keep you warm and are easy to travel with. Since no two are alike, you will love to wear these exquisite silk fashionable shawls to your work, concerts, cruises, graduations, birthdays, weddings or as every day wear with sweater, jacket or coat. These soft, Devore silk, hand painted shawls measuring a generous 220cm x 55cm (88′ x 22′). Unusual, vibrant combination of colours makes this garment unique and special gift for a loved one. It is easy to care for, and does not shrink or lose its shape. Enjoy.

>> Silk Shawls Magnolia
>> Silk Shawls Line

>> How to wear a shawl


Turn up the charm with our beautiful silk ponchos created by the brush of the artist. Absolutely unique, our hand painted and hand- made Devore silk ponchos drape nicely around the body. Beautiful gift for you and your loved ones. You can wear it over jeans as every day wear or for special occasions over simple outfits.

>> Velvet Ponchos


Treat you to a little bit of luxury with a dazzling silk cape. This is a one of the most beautiful garment in our collection. Classy, comfortable, the loose fitting cape is feather light and one size fits all. Unique, separately hand painted, in the shades of colours that even artist cant replicate makes a bland outfit stand out.

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>> Velvet Capes
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