As an integrative bio-energy healing practitioner, I discovered unparalleled beauty and variety of colors in my inner eyes during my meditation.Through meditation you are increasing your consciousness to a place where energy is perceived with colors and you are seeing different colorful shapes and images opening and closing, expanding and disappearing in front of your mind eyes.Through my art I would like to share this beauty with you.I have love for colors. I am combining my love for colors, design and texture to create unique, one of a kind, hand painted pieces of art.Painting on silk allows me to be very spontaneous and free flowing. The brilliance of colors that I can achieve with dyes is innumerable and the silk fabric is so luxurious to work with.  


Painting on a canvas and photography are my life time hobbies. I have taught myself silk painting in several courses, through books and experimenting with reactive dyes on cotton, wool and silk fabrics.